Welcome. We are an “on call” mobile notary serving the incorporated limits of Lafayette, and surrounding areas (Youngsville, Broussard, Maurice, Milton, and more).

What is a Mobile Notary?

A mobile notary is any notary who, upon request, travels from location to location to perform notarial services prescribed by his or her state’s statutory laws.   In other words, take the hassle out of that needed notarization….let us come to you! Notaries are governed by Title 35 of the Louisiana Civil Code, which is located here: http://www.legis.la.gov/legis/laws_Toc.aspx?folder=75&level=Parent

Louisiana law dictates certain forms for instruments, as well as may require such forms be notarized. We seek to assist with your notarization process by making it more convenient, and hassle free. With over 12 years of notarial experience, you know you will be in capable hands.

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Kate Bailey Labue & William Bailey

Phone: 337.388.2555
Email: 337notary@gmail.com

Hours of Availability:
Monday through Sunday 8am-7pm*

*Call to schedule your appointment time. Appointments will be filled based upon availability.

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